The enhance thing

In December last year I was working at MPC in London on Clash of the Titans. I had some spare time in the evenings. One day, after seeing this clip from CSI, I was seized by a strange compulsion to collect every example of cheesy tv and film image enhancement I could find and edit them into a short video.

I started by asking for examples on and the first answer, a link to the Enhance button page on, was probably the most useful resource. I also used various torrent, subtitle and transcript sites. I spent a few weeks downloading and editing, and managed to get it done before the Christmas break. My brother Joel did some great music in Garage Band which I re-cut the video to. After uploading to YouTube I posted it to my tumblrb3ta and waxy’s amazing supercuts page (to which I’d previously contributed “My Arse!”).

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Here’s some recent work I did for Imitating the Dog*. It can be seen on stage in their latest production, Kellerman, which begins touring the UK in April. 

wormhole from Duncan Robson on Vimeo.

Added this to my reel. Now for some python dabbling, job hunting and preparation for the big move to San Francisco in April.

*Simon Wainwright from ITD is also in the band Hope & Social who’s imminent album I predict will be well worth buying and listening to.

Bubble’s Depo!

Back in October I made this picture of Senator Clay Davis from The Wire in the style of Shepard Fairey’s celebrated Obama “Hope” portrait. It’s become the most linked-to thing I’ve ever put on the web.  Someone suggested I sell them so I’ve uploaded it to mysoti where you can buy prints or t-shirts. It would be great to see one out in the real world.

UPDATE: I closed my MySoti store. Leave a comment if you are still interested in buying one.