Duncan Robson

Video Editor / Artist


I'm a video editor specializing in video game trailers, montages and supercuts.I'm based in the SF Bay Area but I've been freelancing remotely since 2015.I've made trailers for Necrosoft Games, KO_OP, We Are OFK, Hollow Ponds, Kitfox Games and Asymmetric.Other clients include Yo Gabba Gabba! BBH LA, Wolff Olins, AARP, Fandor and Emojination.My supercuts have over 6 million views on YouTube.Previously, in the UK, I worked in vfx and motion capture at Audiomotion, Artem Digital, Framestore, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, The Moving Picture Company and Nvizage.


Please reach out if you are looking for editing help with your game trailer or any video related project.

twitter / bluesky / mastodon / instagram / discord

Goodbye Volcano High
Ridiculous Fishing EX
Hyper Gunsport
Shadows over Loathing
West of Loathing
Loot Rascals
Noun Town
We Are OFK
The Shrouded Isle

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Full supercuts playlist / Hours Played

Video editing for AARP (2016-2020)

Game trailers / Fandor / Other work / Reel

Video editing for Fandor (2014-2015)

Game trailers / AARP / Other work / Reel

Game trailers / AARP / Fandor / Other work

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Game trailers / AARP / Fandor / Reel