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The enhance thing

In December last year I was working at MPC in London on Clash of the Titans. I had some spare time in the evenings. One day, after seeing this clip from CSI, I was seized by a strange compulsion to collect every example of cheesy tv and film image enhancement I could find and edit them into a short video.

I started by asking for examples on and the first answer, a link to the Enhance button page on, was probably the most useful resource. I also used various torrent, subtitle and transcript sites. I spent a few weeks downloading and editing, and managed to get it done before the Christmas break. My brother Joel did some great music in Garage Band which I re-cut the video to. After uploading to YouTube I posted it to my tumblrb3ta and waxy’s amazing supercuts page (to which I’d previously contributed “My Arse!”).

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Bubble’s Depo!

Back in October I made this picture of Senator Clay Davis from The Wire in the style of Shepard Fairey’s celebrated Obama “Hope” portrait. It’s become the most linked-to thing I’ve ever put on the web.  Someone suggested I sell them so I’ve uploaded it to mysoti where you can buy prints or t-shirts. It would be great to see one out in the real world.

UPDATE: I closed my MySoti store. Leave a comment if you are still interested in buying one.