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Welcome dunk3d readers!

With my tumblr and my new site there didn’t seem to be much point in keeping my wordpress blog alive but I imported the old posts here and should now redirect to this site. Maybe it’ll be useful one day. Until then, expect similarly infrequent posts.

Hey, while I’m blogging here’s an interview I did with Tiny Cartridge about the Warioware DIY project I never mentioned on this blog. Oh and back in September of last year I finished another supercut. Hopefully there will be some more up-to-date news later this year which you are much more likely to see on my tumblr or twitter.

Three Point Landing

Updated with Vimeo version, ROFLCon panel, links and source list.

My latest supercut which premiered at ROFLCon III in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The soundtrack and more great music by my brother Joel can be found on his bandcamp page.

I’ve been getting a few YouTube comments asking for a list of where all the clips came from so I’ll put that at the end of this post. Apologies if you’ve been waiting for this or if I missed your favourite three point landing. If you see a new one, please leave a comment here or add it to the TV tropes page. Maybe I’ll revisit this supercut one day.
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Tumbleweeds and ROFLCon

Here’s an appropriate video for my blog which hasn’t seen an update in almost a year.

In December last year I made this supercut for the Columbus Museum of Art. It’s currently showing there as part of their Currents series. I’ll write a more detailed post on it soon.

In related news, I have been invited to appear at ROFLCon III in May, where I will be on Andy Baio’s supercuts panel. Really excited about this. I’m working on a new supercut for the occasion.

Follow me on twitter and tumblr for more regular updates. If all goes to plan, I’ll be graduating from Animation Mentor in the summer so I’ll post some of my animation work here soon.