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A couple of Clash of the Titans shots added to my reel. These were from promotional clips; there will be a few more shots to add when the DVD is out. Sadly my biggest crowd shot was cut from the finished film. It was pretty epic, with 10,000+ soldiers walking up a volcano getting blasted by fireballs and lightning. Maybe it’ll be on the DVD extras. Continue reading Update


Here’s some recent work I did for Imitating the Dog*. It can be seen on stage in their latest production, Kellerman, which begins touring the UK in April. 

wormhole from Duncan Robson on Vimeo.

Added this to my reel. Now for some python dabbling, job hunting and preparation for the big move to San Francisco in April.

*Simon Wainwright from ITD is also in the band Hope & Social who’s imminent album I predict will be well worth buying and listening to.